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Our Main Fields

Our main technical fields include the Mechanical Arts, Telecommunications, Electronics, Information Technology (IT), Chemistry, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Physics, Materials Science, Design and Trademark

Our New Service

One Stop Asia... This new service, One Stop Asia offers you that if you file a Japanese Patent Application through our office, we will be the liaison and stand between your office and our Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese agent and send orders for you and we will report to your office in the same filing report. The filing will be done in China, Korea and Taiwan through our associate patent firm in each country but you will always send your instructions to us and you do not need to send any orders to each country. Filing will be done easily and the good point about this service that all filing documents and all Office Actions will be sent to your office through our office, so we will exactly know what claims are pending, allowed or rejected in each country. So when an Office Action is issued we are able to consider how to respond by comparing the claims in other countries.

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